addresistanbul, Turkey’s one and only design and decoration center, hosts the “Istanbul Time” art and design exhibition held under the curatorship of Denizhan Özer and Esmer Erdem on October 6 – 30, 2016.

devrim_erbil_01Devrim Erbil’s artwork titled Istanbul is Speaking

The opening of the exhibition consisting of paintings, sculptures, works of photography, video art works and installations reflecting the look of the artists on Istanbul was realized last night with the participation of the leading names of the art world.

Artist Devrim Erbil, whose painting called “Istanbul is Talking” was exhibited for the first time in the exhibition, stated: “My painting exhibited here is a painting created with my perspective on the historical peninsula that depicts Istanbul the best.” Erbil, who also indicated that Istanbul has a special place in his art, said: “We need to protect the historical texture of Istanbul. This problem must be resolved by the architects. When I paint about Istanbul, I do it by looking from a distance. I try not to see the details that would bother me.”

Derya Devrim, the General Manager of addresistanbul said: “Art and design is very important for us. We are trying to contribute to the creation of an awareness concerning art with the valuable artists in Turkey. Artists from abroad are coming to numerous art and design activities held in Istanbul. Little space is provided for our artists and designers. For this reason, we are seeking to provide more space for our own masters and emerging artists.”

bedri_baykam_01The exhibition contains the works of more than 60 artists depicting Istanbul, including Bedri Baykam, Süleyman Saim Tekcan ,Resul Aytemür, Mahir Güven, Saim Erken, Sait Günel, Gül Ilgaz, Emre Tandırlı, Mustafa Albayrak, Kadir Ablak, Zafer Erkan, Emine Şenses, Ahmet Şinasi İşler, Suna Tüfekçibaşı, Gaye Ateş, Tolga Boztoprak, Mevlüt Akar, Baki Bodur, Vasıf Pehlivanoğlu, Evren Karayel Gökkaya, Ömer Muz, Ziyaeddin Nuriev, Yılmaz Zenger, Emre Ertürk NY, Belkıs Balpınar, Eli Bensusan, Nuray Ada, Damla Temiz, Canan Demire and Selçuk Derinöz in addition to Devrim Erbil.

The “Istanbul Time” exhibition which evaluates the past and the future and the dream and reality together can be visited between 10.00 – 19.00 each day at addresistanbul until October 30.



Bedri Baykam’s artwork titled
Istanbul Legends Golden Horn

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